Joy Hoop Pattern

I am so excited for you to be stitching this hoop! This pattern uses four stitches, and you will find step by step instructions for them here, and in the downloadable PDF. The stitches you’ll be using are: stem stitch, lazy daisy, brick stitch (made by using a back stitch), and french knot.


As you can see from the image above, we will be using the stem stitch for the circle border (the stem), the lazy daisy stitch for the leaves, the french knot for the berries, and the brick stitch to spell out “Joy”. In the pattern, I have only included the leaves, border and letters. You get to decide where to place the berries on the hoop!

Before you get started, here's a couple of notes! First, this project uses three colors of thread. They are: DMC 498 - red used for the berries. DMC 561 - green used for the stem and leaves, DMC 535 - grey used for the lettering. I measured the thread to give you enough to finish your hoop, but if you need more, you can find these colors at any Michaels, Joann's Fabrics or Hobby Lobby! 

Second, for each part of this hoop, you will be splitting your six strand thread to three strands. That will allow for more delicate looking stitches and will also allow you to finish the hoop with enough thread.


**Please do not sell your finished hoop or distribute the pattern. Thanks in advance!**


Back Stitch (used for brick stitch)


This stitch is used to fill in the lettering. The brick stitch is a great one to use when wanting to fill in larger spaces! To start your stitch, make a single, straight stitch as long or short as you want, but I suggest 1/4”. Continue along your pattern line, but come up a space ahead and bring your needle back down into the same hole at the end of the last stitch you made. To fill the pattern space, repeat the stitch, but shifting the stitch up half way, do it resembles a brick (see above for example).


Stem Stitch


To start, bring the thread to the front of the fabric. With your thread out of the way of your needle, take the needle about ¼ inch to the right and re-emerge half way between where your stitch started, and where the thread went in. Pull the thread through. Repeat and continue along the line, keeping the tension even and the stitches the same length. Stitches that are close together make a tight line, ones that are farther away make a looser line. This stitch is used for the holly wreath stem. It is great to use for flower stems, outlines, lettering, etc.


Lazy Daisy Stitch


Start the stitch by bringing the needle through the fabric. Make a loop, and bring the needle back through where your thread first emerged. At the top of your stitch, bring the needle up inside the loop and pull the thread through. The tighter you pull your stitch, the thinner the loop will become. To finish, insert your needle down just outside of the loop and pull your thread through. This stitch is used for the leaves but is often used for flower petals.


French Knot Stitch


To start, bring your thread to the front. Hold the thread firmly between your left index finger and thumb and away from the fabric. With the needle pointed away from the fabric, wrap the thread over and around the needle with your left hand (wrapping twice makes for a smaller knot, and three for a larger one, etc.). Pass your needle back through your fabric from front to back. Pull the needle all the way back through your fabric, and slowly pull through the remaining floss. The french knot is used here to make the berries!


Happy stitching!

When you are working on your hoop, make sure to share your progress and final product on Instagram with #ladyscribstitches!

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